CHCH U3A Art appreciation Group¡¯s Visit to FGS

On 3rd November 2017, led by Organiser Helen, 8 members of the Christchurch CHCH U3A Art appreciation Group visited Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Christchurch. They were welcome by Gallery Coordinator Vicky Han, BLIA Volunteer Jack Liu other BLIA members.

The visitors were first guided through the ¡®Ringing True¡¯ Paintings Exhibition by International Artist Keith Morant, and the ¡®Ceramica¡¯ Ceramic Works Exhibition by Pottery Artist Tricia Morant, and finally to the ¡®Chan, Fun and Life Protection¡¯ Comic Exhibition by Artist Feng Yi Yin. At the Morant¡¯s Exhibition, Vicky Han introduced to the visitors to the creative idealism of each of the artists and the meaning depicted in each piece of their works. The visitors also watched the video presentation on Keith and Tricia Morant showing how they worked in their studio. The visitors showed interest for Keith¡¯s works such as ¡®Quanta II¡¯, ¡®Careless on a Granary Floor¡¯, ¡¯Growing Music II¡¯, ¡¯Bodhidarma¡¯s Wall¡¯. They were very much taken in by Keith¡¯s brilliant combination of striking colours and his attention to fine details. They were also full of praises for the simple yet character-rich potteries presented by Tricia.

Tour leader Helen thanked BLIA members for their hospitality and mentioned that every time she visited FGY Art Gallery CHCH, she would feel relaxed due to the serene and tranquil ambience of the place. The different and varied types of the exhibitions organised by the Gallery, and the thorough explanations given by the Gallery stuffs always made the visitors understand the artists and their works better. Finally, Hon, on behalf of FGY Art Gallery, presented the pamphlets on ¡®Ringing True¡¯ to the visitors, and invited them to make frequent visits to the Gallery and Water Drop Caf¨¦ with their friends.