Movie Session for YAD South Island

A movie appreciation session was organised by the Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) Young Adult Division (YAD) South Island on the 4th of November 2017. Led by Venerable Zhijing, 12 members of YAD attended a movie session watching the film movie ¡°Front of the Class¡±. Also attending were BLIA Vice Presidents-Elect James Low and Ding Lih Son. The movie showed how the main character, who¡¯s saddled with Tourette¡¯s Syndrome treated the sickness as a ¡®friend¡¯ by overcoming obstacles, and finally fulfilled his ambition and succeeded in becoming a school teacher.

After the session, Venerable Zhijing shared her view on how the theme of the movie personified Giving Confidence, Hope, Joy and Convenience as expounded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. The movie also shared one not to always deal with matter only from one¡¯s own point of view, but to learn to put oneself in the others shoes. We would discover that in this way, it is not difficult to solve any impending problems. BLIA Vice President-elect Ding shared his thought from the movie, where one could realise that positive attitude would give rise to positive energy; and that would in turn lead to solving problems. Ding also mentioned that ¡®Say Good Words¡¯ as contained in the ¡®3 Good Deeds¡¯ could bring ¡®Hope¡¯ to others. YAD member Winnie commented that through the main character who was laden with the sickness had to learn to accept his own conditions first, and to disregard other prejudice on him, then only finally others could accept him. BLIA Vice President-Elect James Low thanked Venerable Zhijing for leading the event. James was happy with everyone¡¯s participation and was deeply moved. James felt that the discussions among the participants would lead to better future interactions among them.

Venerable Zhijing also shared her thoughts on the concept of ¡°Giving¡±. We should always learn to practise giving opportunity to others for them to achieve their dreams. At the same time, unselfishly sharing smiles with others which is also a kind of giving, for people to induce joy and happiness to everyone around. The venerable then mentioned that Fo Guang Shan (FGS) is a place of collective effort by every member. The strength of Buddhism comes from the public. Public are like small screws helping Abbess achieve the propagation of Humanistic Buddhism in New Zealand. Finally, the activity came to a joyful end with YAD members thanking Venerable Zhijing for her participation and deliverance.