Sounds of the World YAD Singing Competition

On November the 11th, a singing competition was held in between the Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) Young Adult Division (YAD) members named ¡°Sounds of the World Singing Competition. This casual event that was attended by 17 members holds numerous songs that were written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun which is also the founder of Sounds of the World.

The host, Cao Qian introduced how Venerable Master established the ¡°Buddhist Choir Group¡± at the Thunder Temple in year 1953 to bring YAD together. At the time, Venerable Master travelled up to Taipei and wrote the first radio broadcasted Buddhist song.

For this event, members specially selected songs to be sung and some have practised in between working hours leading others into the Buddhist songs. Some of the songs sung were ¡°The Great Buddha¡±, ¡°Where There is Dharma, There is a Way¡± and ¡°Bathing the Budddha¡±. A total of 20 songs ere sung with genres from pop, hip hop, and even hand language.

Venerable Zhijing then led the youths into listening to a hymn of ¡°The Great Compassion Mantra¡± where everyone felt peaceful and harmonised. The venerable then explained that Fo Guang Shan does not only have different genre of Buddhist sons, but are also practicing Buddhism hymns from time to time. The venerable have also given out cards of ¡°Dharma Words from Venerable Master Hsing Yun ¨C Positive Forecast for Life¡± to all the youths.

The YAD enjoyed the song singing event and understand the meaningful lyrics more. They wished that in the future, each song could be learned on each meeting of the YAD in promoting more Buddhist songs.