Visit from BLIA Malaysia Culture and Education Centre

Four devotees from Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) Malaysia which is situated in Petaling Jaya in the capitol of the country came visited Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island NZ on 10 November. They were warmly welcomed by Venerable Zhijing, BLIA South Island NZ members, Vicky Han, Cao Qian, James Low and many more. The visitors have already visited FGS North Island and met with Venerable Abbess Manshin before departing to Christchurch, and they came visiting the FGS South Island Buddhist temple right after they landed in Christchurch.

Venerable Zhijing then led the visitors to a tour to the most southern FGS of the globe bringing them to the Buddha Hall, and then to Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Christchurch which has the ¡°Ringing True¡± exhibition by Christchurch international artist Keith Morant. They were then brought to the pottery exhibition by Keith¡¯s wife, Tricia Morant, and lastly to the ¡°Ch¡¯an, Fun and Life Protection¡± comic exhibition by international artist, Feng Yiyin. During the tour, Vicky have also introduced the ¡°Community Canvas¡± which is a collaboration effort of 120 people and now kept in the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Christchurch.

The BLIA visitors from Malaysia thanked the hospitality that was being provided and the Venerable in return wish them a safe tour in South Island NZ welcoming them to return to FGS South Island if there is any opportunity.