Visit of 16 BLIA Malaysia Member to FGS NZ

On 17th November 2017, led by their subchapter advisors Mr and Mrs. Kho, 16 members of Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) Malaysia Klang subchapter visited Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Temple South Island, New Zealand. On hand to welcome the visitors were Venerable Miaoyu, Venerable Zhijing, BLIA South Island members James Low, Lih Son Ding, Vicky Han, Cao Qian and others.

The visitors were first ushered to the Main Shrine, the ¡®Buddha Hall¡¯, where they performed their prayers. Visitor Chong informed that FGS Temple South Island was their first stop in New Zealand. Similarly, the accompanying tour guide as well as the local Bus Driver Mark were also first time visitors to the Temple. Mark remarked that though he has been passing the FGS Temple quite often, he has yet to visit the place. He was very happy to have the opportunity to accompany the visitors from BLIA Malaysia in their tour of the Temple.

Lih Son Ding and James Low introduced to the visitors the design concept of the entrance wall to the Temple which took the idea from ¡®Longmen Grottoes¡¯. They also guided the visitors through the ¡®Ringing True¡¯ Paintings Exhibition by International Artist Keith Morant, the ¡®Ceramica¡¯ Ceramic Works Exhibition by Pottery Artist Tricia Morant, the ¡®Chan, Fun and Life Protection¡¯ Comic Exhibition by Artist Feng Yi Yin and the Shadow art that presented in Time Corridor, explaining to the visitors the backgrounds of the exhibits all the while.

Before bidding the visitors Von Voyage, FGS South Island presented them with ¡®2018 FGS NZ Calendars¡¯ and the ¡®Way of Life¡¯. The visitors in turn thanked FGS South Island for their hospitality and said that they will also visit FGS Temple North Island before ending their tour of New Zealand.