Meditation Session for YAD South Island

After a week of tight working and learning, YAD South Island President Zhang Dong and 12 YAD members finally returned to FGS South Island on 25th November 2017 and participated in the Chan Meditation Class conducted by Venerable Zhijing. Through Ch¡¯an Meditation, the participants hoped to understand the meaning of Ch¡¯an, and at the same time, to gain better insight into their inner selves.

Venerable Zhijing first introduced to the class the meaning of Ch¡¯an Meditation and explained the ¡°Seven points of Meditation Posture. After that Venerable Zhijing demonstrated the two sitting postures of meditation, one of which even allows people with leg problems to carry out meditation. Following this, Venerable led the class in stretching exercise and walking before conduct sitting meditation.

In the course, Venerable explained that the purpose of meditation is to act as a means of looking into one¡¯s inner self, and through deep concentration of the mind, to allow one to be only mindful of one¡¯s present state and not to be easily distracted. She reminded the youngsters to be mindful of their Hearts while meditating because the way towards one¡¯s Buddha Nature is through the mastery of one¡¯s Heart. Cultivate ¡®Meditative Concentration¡¯ for it will lead to ¡®Compassion¡¯! If one is facing problem, through Meditative Concentration, one will be able to find out the real cause of the problem, and then solve it by severing one¡¯s afflictions arising therefrom. This will also raise one¡¯s ¡®Compassion¡¯ within oneself. This is cultivation of one¡¯s Buddha Nature.

Later, Venerable Zhijing shared with the class four interesting and humorous stories about Ch¡¯an Masters. She illustrated the changing of positions between left and right leg similar like flipping between two sides of the cassette tape. After the class, YAD members expressed their keen interest in Ch¡¯an Meditation and their appreciation of the experience just undergone.