Summer Fun with 70th Christchurch Santa Parade

The Christchurch Santa Parade 2017 came to life on 3rd December 2017. The Parade started at Colombo Street in the city centre and passed through Riccarton Road where Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Temple South Island is situated. This year marked the 70th anniversary of the Christchurch Santa Parade and close to 100 teams from various Communities, Associations and Corporations took part in the Parade. Lining the 2 km long Riccarton Road were close to ten thousand spectators joyously cheering the participants.

Among the participants taking part in the procession were people dressed in cartoon characters such as Spiderman, wonder woman, minions, Harold the giraffe, much to the delight of the children. Also included were Pocahontas°ĘStar Wars°Įs Dark Vader and storm troopers from the movies. Accompanied by ethnic music, people from various ethical origins dressed up in colourful costumes and paraded themselves before the cheering crowd.

The most spectacular show was the long parade presented by Christchurch Chinese society. It included Dragon and Lion Dances, parade of people dressed in Qi Pao, Han Dynasty clothing, Kiwi Emperor, beautiful young Girls°Į Drummer Team and Brass Band. Other participants were groups from Philippines, Nepal, Russia, Japan, Thailand and Brazil, all dressed up beautifully in their colourful national costumes.

Members and friends of BLIA South Island were able to watch the Parade from the inside of the Temple building. On that day, Inspector Al Stewards was at the Temple with his daughter to share in the joy of watching the Parade. At the Water Drop Caf®¶, customers were able to view the Parade while enjoying their meals.

The Santa Parade lasted for 2 hours and culminated in the appearance of Santa Claus. At the end, the Parade Organiser thanked the public for their support, and the crowd dispersed in a joyous but orderly manner. Under the efficient management of the City Council, the road was quickly restored to its original orderly state and once again Christchurch witnessed the first memorable summer event.