Christmas Lunch of PEETO College

Through the years, Mr. Patrick OConner, founder and principal of PEETO, the Multicultural Learning Centre in Christchurch, has established a lasting friendship with Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island. As part of their curriculum, Patrick encourages the teachers and students of PEETO English Language College to visit FGS South Island. Patrick himself is also a frequent participant in the many activities organised by FGS. On 21st December 2017, in appreciation of their hard work throughout the year, Patrick invited 40 teachers and staff of PEETO to a Christmas Lunch at Water Drop Caf in FGS South Island.

On behalf of the Temple, Buddhas Light International Association (BLIA) South Island Vice President Lih-son Ding welcomed the patrons to the Temple and introduced them to Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery where the propagation of Humanistic Buddhism is being perpetuated through the exhibitions of artistic works by local as well as international Artists. Ding explained that the Water Drop Caf was initiated by Venerable Master Hsing Yun to commemorate the kindness bestowed by his Master on him while he was a young boy. FGS has always carried out the propagation of Humanistic Buddhism through Education, and in so doing, hopes to plant the seeds of Kindness and Benevolence in the general public. Ding also took the opportunity to announce that FGS South Island will launch the Three Good Deeds and Four Givings 3G4G Cultural Festival in 2018, and invited students of PEETO English Language College to participate in the Festival to gain some basic understandings of the Buddhist teachings, and thereafter, to contribute positively towards the Community.

At the end of the lunch, Patrick thanked FGS for the special arrangement of Chinese String Instrument musical presentation which enabled them to enjoy the delicious vegetarian food surrounded by wonderful Chinese melodies. The patrons praised the artistic 3D way in which the cold Jelly cake was prepared by members of YAD. They expressed their satisfaction and gratitude towards FGS for the special efforts put in to make the Christmas Lunch so enjoyable, and hoped to participate in future activities of FGS and to better understand the positive contributions made by FGS to the New Zealand Society.