Wood-firing Ceramics by Huang Da An in Christchurch

On 4 January, as the wood-firing ceramic exhibition by artist Da An Huang is about to start, Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Christchurch curator Venerable Jue Xi led Gallery Coordinator Vicky Han and volunteers to work on the placement of artworks. With about 170 pieces to place, everyone got together to brainstorm, and worked together to turn the exhibition into a Zen state.

The first day of the exhibition was on Saturday, 6 of January. Numerous Friends of FGY Art Gallery and locals were attracted to it. The ingenious sculpture arrangements were extraordinary, and many visitors took pictures of the exhibition. A briefing for the volunteers on how to guide the exhibition were introduced, as Da Ans original firewood sculpting method that involves 21 continuous days of continuous flaming in the furnace until the art piece develops a characteristic glossy glaze much akin to an oil painting colour is the main point. For this opening day, the gallery also specially organized a tea booth made up of Da Ans collection of wood-fired crockery tea pots, tea cups, tea canister, tea bin, urns and flower vases, allowing the visitors to immerse themselves in the culture and art of tea. Friends of FGY Art Gallery Sarah said, after looking at the artwork and visualizing the process the pottery went through in the wood furnace to develop the metallic sheen full of rich layers and such enchanting texture, she feels the effort that the artist went through, delivering passion and drive to pursue a demanding level of work.

This wood-firing ceramic exhibition will run from 6 January to 8 April at the FGY Art Gallery Christchurch. As an artist, Huang DA An has showcased his passion for wood-firing sculptures, developed over years of experimentation. Using his traditional wood fire techniques to slowly and fully develop the natural beauty of pottery in a contemporary setting is the very connotation that Huang is trying to show. We hope that this exhibition will attract more visitors, so that more could learn to appreciate this unique art form.