First Day of Srimara in the New Zealand Tour

Fo Guang Shans (FGS) 33rd intake of the Srimara College in Taiwan, participated in the Oceania education tour with 16 students and the leadership of Venerable Rudi. The group reached FGS South Island on the 10th of January and firstly paid respect to the Buddha in the Main Shrine. They were welcomed by FGS NZ Venerable Abbess Manshin, Minister-In-Charge Venerable Jue xi, Venerable Zhijing, BLIA members and the YAD youths warmly welcomed them.

After dinner, the abbess explained their agenda for their stay here which includes not only classes and wisdoms gaining in Humanistic Buddhism, but also sight seeing activities around the Canterbury region. Venerable Juxi then led the group into the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery, which serves as a platform for both international and local artists for the visitors to appreciate. The Water Drop Caf which provides delicious vegetarian meals promoting compassion in the Buddhist concept reflects the realisation of Humanistic Buddhism was then visited.

In the end, the abbess wish everyone could learn with an open heart and widen their horizons and enjoy the specialty of New Zealand, learning of different cultures in nurturing life, making it more meaningful.