Srimara Students Understands more of South Island

Srimara students from Taiwan were given a multicultural experience in Christchurch where there were brought to visit the work studio international Christchurch artist Keith Morant and his wife to appreciate their work of oil paintings and potteries. The couple told the students on their affinities with the Fo Guang Yuan Gallery were so natural and as good as can be.

The students were then brought over to an 800-hectare farm focusing on planting potatoes and broccolis which is supervised by BLIA South Island President, Bernie Siew. They were then brought for a tramping trip at Taylor Mistake.

On 13 January, Venerable Zhijing told her cause and conditions between her and FGS with FGS and I. The venerable explained that before she was ordained, she used the way of Three Good Deeds and Four Givings to benefit everyone. After she have became a Buddhist, she has vowed to work relentlessly with Buddhism to help and bring out diligence and the power of encouragement. She hope that everyone could follow her footsteps.

A chance was also given to the BLIA committee members and members where BLIA South Island Deputy Presidents James Low, Ding Lih-Son, West Subchapter leader Louisa Kuo, Tracy Chen, Kokwei Low and member Crystal to share their stories with FGS. Because of this venue, it has given them a feeling of home while they are overseas. By helping out at the temple, they have also learned to kick away bad habits and understand themselves more, giving them a better way of life.