A Talk from the Abbess to the 33th Srimara Students

The 33rd intake of Srimara student enters the sixth day of their Oceania tour which falls on 15 January and they were brought to the Riccarton Racecource Sunday Market to enjoy different food and experience crafts that were on sale. They were also brought to the city center, Hagley Park and the gardens at University of Canterbury.

In the evening, FGS NZ Abbess share a Dharma Talk to them with the a total of around 30 people attended including Minister-In-Charge Venerable Juexi, Venerable Zhijing, Venerable Rudi, BLIA and YAD members.

The Abbess shared, what is Buddhism? Buddhism originated from India and was introduced into China and with this opportunity became the way of life. The abbess encouraged everyone to develop right mindfulness and create goals for life giving it more value and energy. The abbess then explained of the design of FGS South Island and the connection of it with the Longmen Grottoes and human thoughts. She then also explained the artwork at the courtyard near the Water Drop Caf which comes with an artistic drawing from a local artist.

The Srimara students asked on why would youths stay at the temple? The youths in the room states that the abbess teaches them relentlessly, giving them ways grow their potential wisdom. YAD Annie shared their experience on values and joy they have, where the abbes always care for them and let them treat the temple as a home. The abbess continuously give them chances to hone their hearts full of boundless strength.

Kokwei Low which is a current Committee Member of the FGS South Island NZ shared how the team have saved more than 100 trees in North Island which were soon to be met with road constructions. This task was considered impossible but was successfully completed by the concerted efforts of a team which the youngest was 8 years old with the team start working at six every morning. Venerable Juexi then said that the direction of Buddhism in New Zealand is to be more diversified, rich and innovative.

The Srimara students then thanked the abbess, venerables and YAD members for their sharing, giving them a sense of direction into how to work with Buddhism giving them a better way of life. The abbess in the end give blessings to the students to grasp more causal learning in the coming week in receiving much more strength and wisdom in this New Zealand trip.