Sharing Joy with Public via Laba Congee

To commemorate Buddhas Enlightenment Day, on the 8th of 1st month of lunar year, which fell on 24th January 2018 this time, Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island prepared Laba congee for the public to enjoy. A day before the auspicious occasion, BLIA members and volunteers carried out a thorough washing of the cooking materials thus ensuring only clean and fresh materials were used. In the early morning of 24th January, FGS South Island Minister-in-charge Venerable Jue Xi, together with Venerable ZhiJing and members of Buddhas Light International Association (BLIA) South Island, enthusiastically carried out the cooking of Laba congee in FGS kitchen. BLIA South Island Vice President Lih-son Ding, and Leader of Social Care Group Louisa Kuo and other committee members were also present to lend a helping hand.

After undergoing through an elaborate cooking process, the steaming congees were moved to the Dining Hall. There they were packed into containers by members of YAD South Island and other temple devotees. Some of these congees were afterwards moved to the Buddha Hall, awaiting collection by the public. Divided into 3 routes, BLIA members delivered the remaining delicious Laba congees to shops, motels, and offices who are friends of FGS. In the course of delivery, the BLIA members also took the opportunity to remind the people to participate in the coming 10 February Chinese New Year Re-union Dinner and a series of Chinese New Year celebrations and Dharma functions. In total, 800 packages of Laba congee were distributed to the public. After consuming the blessed Laba congees, the people claimed that the congees were delicious and healthy, bringing them much blessings, joy and peace.