Chinese New Year Eve of the Dog

In welcoming the Year of the Dog in Chinese Lunar calendar, FGS South Island NZ hosted a Chinese New Year Eve Celebration at 8.30 pm on 15 February for a special ¡°Chinese New Year Eve Chant¡± and ¡°Morning Chant¡± with Venerable Jue Xi guiding 60 Buddhist devotees in chanting the ¡°Repentance to the 88 Buddhas" and reading the ¡°Prayers for New Year¡¯s Eve¡±.

A video of Venerable Master Hsing Yun greeting everyone a Happy Chinese New Year was broadcasted with the Master giving this year¡¯s words of wisdom namely ¡°A Family of Legacy and Honor¡±. He then wishes everyone a happy, joyful, prosperous and wealthy year. The wealth is wealth from safety, health, joy, friendships and wisdom. He the wished that everyone could use the spirit of Humanistic Buddhism to get confidence, happiness, hope and convenience.

FGS South Island Minister in Charge, Venerable Jue Xi then explained that Humanistic Buddhism has five specialties which is joy as everyone should live in joy everyday, diligence, to get above said wealth diligently, compassion, treating everyone with a good heart, giving, sharing wisdom and compassion to others and gratitude as gratitude treasures strength for everyone to move forward.

The evening brought more than hundreds of visitors to offer incense and say their prayers and FGS South Island have prepared sweet vegetarian congee for everyone to enjoy. Visitors were also given chance to purchase Chinese New Year gifts that brings them peace and health to them. Everyone were also encouraged to pick words of wisdoms from the wishing bell. This New Year¡¯s Eve brought the visitors a wonderful welcome for the year of the dog creating sweet memories.