"The Necessity of Art" by Keith Morant

To celebrate Chinese New Year, on 17th February 2018 corresponding to the 2nd day of Chinese New Year, Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Christchurch invited International Artist Keith Morant to give a talk titled The Necessity of Art to the public. On this day, FGY Art Gallery NZ Curator Venerable Abbess Manshin, Sculptor Paul Deans and around 40 local Artists and Friends of FGY attended the talk. In her opening speech, Venerable Abbess praised Keith as some one who is good in expressing his inspirations in his artworks.

In his talk, Keith first thanked FGY Art Gallery, its Curator and members of Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island for their help in making it possible to exhibit his art pieces at the serene yet solemn FGY Art Gallery Christchurch. He also informed the audience that he will organise another exhibition at FGY Art Gallery Auckland in the month of August 2018. Keith said that he draws the inspirations for his artworks from Buddhism, music, literature, quantum mechanics etc. For his works in the past 50 years, artistry to him could be briefly divided into 6 domains, namely: 1. Quality; 2. Absolute; 3. Proprioception; 4. Zenga; 5. Void, and 6. Language and art. Keith took great pain to explain his above postulation, and in the process made the audience better understand the journey he has gone through.

Friends of FGY South Island raised many questions to Keith among which was his daily source of inspiration for his artistic creation. They thanked Keith for the interesting and inspirational talk. Sculptor Paul Deans also thanked Keith for the talk and remarked that every artist has to put in a lot of hard work in his artwork, and in his talk, Keith has indeed voiced out the common sentiments of all the artists. One young member of the audience presented his drawing to Keith for comments. Keith encouraged him to continue to work hard and assured him of a bright future if he follows through.

This talk by Keith The Necessity of Art was the first of a series of interesting talks by prominent international notables planned by FGY Art Gallery Christchurch for the year 2018 to spread the beauty of living and arts to the locals. They are planned to allow the locals an opportunity to bring about a spark between their heads and their hearts.