2018.03.17 The Importance of Affinities in this World

In our society, we are used to ¡°Pursuit for money¡±, and these days, looking at objects we desire is easy, with so many things grabbing for our attention in every direction possible. Yet do we ever spare some time to take a closer look at affinities? Affinities is an interesting subject, it appears simple on the surface, yet is immensely complicated when you try to understand and explain it. When we get along well with someone, we might think: ¡°Oh there¡¯s a lot of good affinities between us!¡±. If things don¡¯t go along well, we might say ¡°Oh, it¡¯s just bad karma¡±, or that there¡¯s just no chemistry. Indeed, affinities is hardly ever as simple as it looks. Affinities is conditioning, the world is established on it just as our lives are linked to it, without condition, do you think there would exist anything?

Once you see affinities truly for what it is, you will be less swayed by everyday happenings. To get karma is to get the truth. Have the truth, and you will have the world! If we can see karma in a positive light, and understand it well enough, no doubt our lives will become much happier and at ease!

On the 17th of March, Fo Guang Shan Headquarter Vice Abbott Venerable Hui Zhao will host a talk at FGS South Island New Zealand temple titled ¡°Hear Me Out ¨C The Importance of affinities in Society¡±. We warmly welcome everyone to bring their family and friends to attend the talk.

Seats are limited, please RSVP by 10th of March to secure your place!

Date: 17/3/18 (Saturday)
Time: 10:00am ¨C 11.30am
Venue: Fo Guang Shan South Island New Zealand
Address: 2 Harakeke Street, Riccarton, Christchurch
Phone: (03) 341 6276