Young Reporters Interview for Places with Religion

On the 18th of August, two of the 6 year students from Fendalton School, Ashleigh Goh and Aoife Hyland had came to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island NZ for an interview. Both young reporters are now in a school project of the subject of ¡°Inquiry¡±. Inquiry is a subject in school where young students are to learn to arrange time for interviews, ways of communicating through telephone, ways of interviewing and photography. The title for this subject for them is ¡°Places with Religions¡±. The students have called up FGS South Island a few days ago and arranged for an interview. They have to make 5 different interviews in 5 different places all together in one day, in order to finish their report. In the interview, both have asked questions about the construction and age of the building, way to use the instruments in the temple, time for prayers and chanting, the basic everyday life of a monk or nun and other details. The students went to the Buddha Hall to learn the how to make a wish on the Wishing bell, how to prostate to the Buddha and light offering. This interview has increased their knowledge and understanding of Buddhism.

After the interview, both students wished to also have a visit in the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery which the ¡°Yao Hong-Ying Embroidery Art Exhibition¡± was being exhibited. Amused by the artwork, they almost forgot that they have to go for another interview. As they leave, they took pictures with Venerable Miaoyu alongside Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s artwork, ¡°One Stroke Calligraphy¡± and the young students told that they would come back and visit again.