A visit from the New Zealand Police Force

The New Zealand Police Force and the New Zealand Police School had always been in touch with Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island NZ members and have been in good relationship. On 17th of September, Police Officers Rakesh Naidoo with John Robinson and his sister visited FGS South Island NZ where Venerable Miao Yu and Art Gallery Assistant Curator Lee See Shen welcomed them. They were gratified to see such architecture of the Buddhist temple. John has also offered help from the Christchurch Police Force if needed. In the year 2007, Johns sister has helped Maori elders in sending a large greenstone as a gift to FGS South Island NZ. Now the greenstone is in front of the Buddha statue and that touched her heart. Venerable felt more warm and secure in Christchurch with the visit of the NZ Police Force and thanked them with gratitude.