Enjoying Cycling in Caring Lives and Environment

Its been 20 years since the first Taiwan cyclist, Hu Runghua has cycled around the world. Now the 8th Taiwan group is cycling around the world and they are Lin Xiao Kai (Kai) and Yen Yihui (Yen). Arriving in Christchurch on 20th September 2011, the duo started their trip from Taiwan in March and estimated the journey around the world for them would be for around two and a half years. The motto that they carry in this journey is Save energy and Reduce Global Carbon Cycle, Stop Pollutions and have Harmony with the Earth. On the 24th of September, with the introduction of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New Zealand and with the guide of their committee members Mr. and Mrs. Chai Shunqin, the duo came visited Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island NZ. Venerable Abbess Manshin welcomed them and they started chatting like they are long time friends.

Cyclist duo Kai and Yen has been cycling since March 2010 from Taiwan to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Auckland and so on. Christchurch is now the 5th stop for them. They will continue on to China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Europe, the American continent and Japan which sums up to 55,000 kilometers of cycling. Arriving the FGS South Island NZ Buddha temple, they have taken this chance to say their prayers in the religion that they are familiar with, to give them strength and confidence in their journey.

Venerable Abbess Manshin has then explained to the duo that cycling around the world is not just a goal leading to a pious life, it is a challenge, a challenge that needs ascetic practices, that needs meditation and that needs will power, not just from oneself, but also from others. It is not a challenge that a normal person could succeed. Venerable Abbes Manshin cheered for their will power and their courage, wishing them would proudly create miracle for themselves and history for Taiwan. These warm wisdoms created a lot of positive energy for the duo. Listening to the inspiring words, Yen was moved and burst into tears. She then wiped of her tears and pledged to continue the journey bravely. Abbess then quoted words from Venerable Master Hsing Yun, founder of Fo Guang Shan to give encouragement and wishes them a safe and pleasant journey.

In the morning of 25th September, Kai and Yen left for their journey. Saying farewell to Venerable Juexi and Venerable Mioayu, they have also said their prayers in the Buddha Hall wishing they will be blessed by the Buddha for a smooth journey. They answered some questions by the FGS members here.

Kai was inspired by Hu Ronghua who cycled around the world 20 years ago. Before pursuing his dream, Kai was a staff of the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre which already travels around the world, and that gives him more confidence to cycle around the world. Kai was also facing a problem in moving out of his house, and with that and some discussions with his partner, Yen, they decided to cycle around the world first.

Knowing the idea and determination of both Kai and Yen, around 10 of Cloud Gate Dance Theatre members had gotten them both custom made bicycles which has ultra light carbon frames, GPS, regulation recorder, first aids, waterproof products, and so on, with their name engraved on the bicycle; all in all weighing 150 kilograms. After the bicycle is ready, they flew to Bangkok and started their journey on March, 2010.

Cycling with the weight of 150 kilograms, with limited funds, their journey accompanied with nature, dealing with different weathers are great challenges in their journey. There was once that they have their tent flooded while sleeping. It forced them to stay overnight at a nearby public toilet. Weather in New Zealand that changes by the minute is also a big challenge for young Yen. They will only have 2 meals per day to keep their selves energized. With Yen in the journey, she always prepares good diet for both of them. In these 6 months, Kai and Yen would have a heart of Cycling slowly and happily, enjoying the different cultural exchanges. Besides understanding humanism and ecology of different countries, they will always put off time to enjoy the environment around cities, cultural museums, and villages and would tell these stories back at their home later. Hopefully with these experiences, they could publish a book and share it with everyone.

Venerable Juexi then gave blessings to them wishing them safe in their journey at the exit of FGS. Everyone at FGS South Island has given them support by presenting the song, Buddhas Light is Shining on You. Kai and Yen appreciated all the blessings and support, and set off to their cycling journey around the world again. For more information of their journey, please log on to http://bicycle-entire-world.blogspot.com