Buddhists in Bhutan Visit FGS South Island

Three Buddhists from Bhutan Ms Suk Maya Magar, Mrs Jash Maya Magar and Mrs Chimawati Magar that have only been to New Zealand for 6 months eagerly searched for a temple of their own religion. Christchurch city refuge centres volunteer Ms Juliet Neill had led them to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island NZ on the 5th of October. All four of them had gone up to the Buddha Hall to pay reverence to Buddha and devotees Mrs Jash Maya Magar and Ms Suk Maya Magar were heartfelt. Although both of them could only communicate in Pali language, but they wished to join the Friday chanting that is in FGS Temple every week.
Ms Neil told that the Magar family had been separated and in 18 years of travelling, Ms Suk Maya Magar could finally have a family reunion with both her mother and aunty in New Zealand. Other family members are either still at Bhutan or at Nepals refuge centre. Ms Suk Maya Magar expressed the FGS South Island Temple gave her a peace of mind and a tranquil environment. She hopes that she could visit the temple more in her days here, to be close to Buddha and learn more about Buddhism.