Citizení»s Advisory Bureau Understands FGS

Members of the New Zealandí»s Citizení»s Advisory Bureau came to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island New Zealand on 24 November as volunteer from FGS South Island NZ led them. The bureau keeps a duty in communicating in between the government and the people of New Zealand. One of the members in the group visited FGS South Island earlier and finds FGS South Island very interesting. With that, she arranged her colleagues to also come visit and have a better understanding of the services and contributions to the Buddhist temple to the people of New Zealand.

At the starting of the tour, FGS volunteer explained the history and establishment of FGS, following with the architecture and design of the building. The visitors praised the artwork of the four Bodhisattvas at the front of the temple. Then, they were brought into the Buddhaí»s Hall while FGS volunteer explained how it could bring peace of mind to the people. Following on, the group was brought to the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island for the new, í░Liao Tian Zhao Stone Teapot Exhibitioní▒. Ending the tour, the visitor now understands more about the building and more importantly about Buddhism, giving them a tranquil mind with gratitude.