Delighted Probus Members Visit Exhibitions

On 13 September, around 10 members of the Christchurch Aotea Combined Probus visited Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Christchurch. The visit was organised by Mrs. Mary Milne, and the purpose for the outing was to enable their members to witness the artwork of Yi-Ming Lin, the artist for one of the current exhibition in FGY Art Gallery Christchurch, The Passion of Clay.

Probus was first established in Australia and now there are many clubs in both Australia and New Zealand. Probus provides friendship and fellowship for retired professional, business and likeminded people.

The visitors were welcomed by FGY Art Gallery Christchurch artistic coordinator, See-Shen Lee. Under the guidance of See-Shen, Probus members embarked on their Temple and Art Gallery tour. As they were taken around, the group expressed amazement at the design and concept of the building. They first had a chance to witness the One Stroke Calligraphy by the founder of the international Fo Guang Shan monastic, Venerable Master Hsing Yun. With some knowledge about calligraphy and the story behind the Venerable Master, the group was amazed by the wisdom and skillfulness of the Venerable Master. Unreserved praises were then given when they witnessed the pottery of Mr. Lin.

After the tour, the group had afternoon tea at the Tea House. While enjoying the vegetarian cuisine, they started an impromptu contest; where they voted for the best home planted plant. After their visit, they expressed their delight in gaining new knowledge, and they commented that will bring their friends and family for a tour of the Temple and its exhibition.