2024 BLIA NZ Seminar

On 2nd and 3rd March 2024, the Buddha Light International Association (BLIA) North Island Chapter held a two-day seminar featuring insightful lectures by FGS Abbess Manshin, Minister in Charge of FGS Auckland Venerable Rulian and Senior Advisor Lintao YU. Over 50 BLIA members attended, engaging in interactive discussions and Q&A sessions, focusing on cultivating the right mindfulness and right views.

Lay Dharma Teacher Lintao YU presented the story of BLIA’s Founding by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. He highlighted the Temple’s leadership in guiding the association with the principle of promoting kindness through culture and cultivating talents through education. YU implemented several projects such as the 3G4G Festival of Cultural Sharing, 366 Days with Wisdom Book Gifting Project and the Annual Art Salon. He expressed gratitude for the Temple’s guidance and the members’ dedication to community service.

The Venerable Master says Stability is crucial, Venerable Rulian encouraged the attendees to find their life’s purpose and to enrich lives through service. By taking on responsibilities, one can discover one’s potential, apply wisdom to dignify life and strengthen confidence in faith. President Evelyn KU expressed appreciation for the active participation and idea-sharing, noting the seminar’s role in strengthening the team.

Abbess Manshin emphasised the importance of wisdom in daily life. Referring to the Venerable Master’s teachings, where there is Dharma, there is a way, implying that any problem can be resolved with wisdom. Venerable Master also pointed out that BLIA members should engage in myriad activities and create myriad affinities. By serving in various platforms, individuals cultivate personal positive karmic retribution, which manifests good qualities through actions, speech and thoughts. Starting from oneself to construct a harmonious society. 

On the second day, Abbess addressed the questions that arose among the members while serving in various departments within the Temple. Using simple language, she shared practical experiences of skilful means, clarifying the relationships between wealth and service, attire and attitude, as well as between remorse and gratitude.

The Abbess blessed the participants, expressing hope that everyone can shine brightly, excel in quality and gracefully realise one potential through collective efforts, refining a splendid life within the heart of gratitude.