2024 Fo Guang Club Welcoming Day Realising Ideals with Aspirational Power

On 9th March 2024, Fo Guang Club of the University of Auckland held its New Semester Welcoming Day with a total of 22 members gathering at the FGS Auckland to participate in various activities.

The YAD committee guided new members through ice-breaking games and Temple tours. They introduced Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the Founder of FGS Buddhist Order and shared the Dharma teaching: With ideals, there is aspirational power; with aspirational power, there is realisation; with realisation, ideals can be achieved, leading to a promising future, encouraging the participants to learn from the Venerable Master’s spirit of staying true to one’s initial vows.

FGS NZ Abbess Manshin used a Q&A format to answer the youth’s doubts, how can one cultivate a character of giving? The Abbess clarified, those with a compassionate heart naturally understand giving and repaying kindness. Giving money or material possessions to others is material giving, sharing teachings and principles with others is Dharma giving, one can also provide spiritual support and strength to overcome fear which is fearless giving.

How can one manage oneself? The Abbess shared a teaching from the Founding Master saying, I am among the people. Using examples of YAD committees Thomas and Edwin, Abbess explained how from the initial inspiration to the integration into regular practices, they embodied the idea that youth need good role models because being in the right environment and serving in a group enables them to become masters of their own lives, making life filled with positive qualities.

The participants expressed their gratitude one after another. Winter, a participant, expressed gratitude, saying Abbess Manshin had helped them unravel many confusions. She felt greatly inspired and was pleased to have made numerous like-minded friends. Adela shared, the event was organised professionally and meticulously. She was grateful to the organisers for their dedication. Through the event, she had deepened her understanding of the Temple and wished to continue learning to gain wisdom.