FGS Auckland Expressed Gratitude to the Founding Master

On 24th February 2024, coinciding with the 15th day of the first lunar month, Fo Guang Shan Auckland commemorated the First Anniversary of Fo Guang Shan Founding Master—Venerable Master Hsing Yun’s Passing Away. At 3pm NZ time, Abbess Manshin of Fo Guang Shan NZ led the monastic and BLIA members in joining a global live stream to pay tribute to the Venerable Master in a memorial service. The attendees included President Evelyn KU of BLIA North Island Chapter NZ, Deputy President Larry YANG, Nick YOONG and over fifty BLIA members.

Head Abbot of FGS, the Most Venerable Hsin Bau expressed gratitude to the global Buddhist community for their unwavering commitment to protecting and promoting the faith. Abbot Hsin Bau explained that wisdom is the light of salvation for the world. The Founding Master hoped that everyone could find peace and happiness through faith. Abbot Hsin Bau blessed everyone to continue progressing and serving the community, drawing inspiration from the Founding Master’s spirit.

Keeping Up is crucial, said Abbess Manshin, quoting the Founding Master to inspire the attendees. The opportunity to connect with the Founding Master is precious. By undertaking, enduring, striving and accomplishing in the service of the community, we enrich our lives with joy and value.

President Evelyn expressed gratitude for the guidance of the Founding Master in understanding and strengthening faith, establishing correct views and beliefs. The Founding Master left countless writings to unlock our potential and gain wisdom. She encouraged the members to seize the moment and closely follow the Buddha’s teachings to enrich their lives.

Advisor Lintao commented, that BLIA members are honored to uphold the Founding Master’s faith and legacy, which enhance our quality of life. Deputy President Larry reminisced emotionally about his time with the Venerable Master, During my volunteering at the headquarters, I had the precious opportunity to meet with the Venerable Master and was touched by his compassionate heart. I vow to cultivate the strength to bear responsibility, devote myself to the teachings and bring value to the community.